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Detailed calculation of cutting values.

Quick, simple, and precise. The cutting calculation App „MaySpeedGuide“ provides a precise calculation of cutting data for a variety of milling and drilling processes. This means that CNC machines can quickly be set to the right values and their circumstances.

Thanks to responsive design, the App can be used both as desktop application and on the tablet and smartphone.


Regrinding and recoating.

Even MAYKESTAG tools eventually lose their optimal sharpness and surface quality. So we offer our customers a regrinding and recoating service.

This way we turn a used tool back into a new tool. You get back 100% cutting performance. For a fraction of the cost of acquiring a new one.


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Coating service

From the processing of blanks to coating.

The latest coating technology establishes a new generation of tool life and resistance.


The advantages of coating:

  • Increased endurance
  • Lower cutting forces
  • Higher cutting speeds and feeds
  • Improved surface quality


Technologies & Cutting Materials

High productive cutting und high speed cutting, dry machining and hard cutting are the current challenges facing industry. Solid carbide tools by MAYKESTAG are the current solution.

High Productive Cutting (HPC)
End mills made of solid carbide are required for high productive cutting. With an ultra-hard coating. And extreme rigidity. End mills which can withstand the most rigorous conditions. To be brief: end mills by MAYKESTAG.

High Speed Cutting (HSC)
MAYKESTAG provides a complete line of HSC end mills. With the highest concentricity accuracy. The best shank accuracy. And of course with maximum resistance to wear.

Dry machining
Whenever lubrication and cooling are reduced, the quality of the tool must be increased. The end mills by MAYKESTAG stand out because of their high red hardness and extreme resistance to heat wear. This makes them especially suited to dry machining.

Hard cutting
MAYKESTAG offers end mills specially designed to withstand extreme strain of hard cutting. The high working temperatures and the high pressure of the cutting edge can not damage them.

Cutting materials
Our solid carbide tools are made of the best fine grain carbide. Our powder steel tools contain only powder-metallurgically produced HSS steels with extremely high amounts of vanadium and cobalt. And we use alloys only of the highest quality in our tools made of high-performance high speed steel.



Consulting competence

You have to understand exactly to offer the optimum solution.

Application technology
We offer solutions and know how even for the most demanding materials and machining tasks.


Recommended cutting conditions
In the choice of the correct and appropriate tool for special applications.

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